Vyatta Excel Firewall Rule Generator « Adam’s Tech Notes

6 09 2010

As one of the many happy Vyatta users around the globe, I like things that make life easier to create rules etc. The web interface on Vyatta …. “needs some work” to make it useful. The following post on “Adam’s Tech Notes” is about an awesome excel spreadsheet he has created to help with firewall rule management for Vyatta. Its early days & he is looking for comments & feedback for its use – so download a copy, bang in some firewall rules & give him some support to get this off the ground.

Vyatta Excel Firewall Rule Generator

3 September 2010, 11:11 am

Vyatta is fantastic as a routing product, but one thing I always hate is having to maintain firewall rules. The web interface makes managing rules cumbersome and the command line, whilst the best way to create rules, is hopeless if you need to re-order, re-number or do any of these types of tasks. To be fair, this is a problem on most routers and is not specific to Vyatta itself.

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