pandora on the droid FTW !!!

18 01 2011

Im a biiig fan of Pandora, and thats pretty much the main reason I pay for a VPS in the US.

Having just got my network kit out of storage, all racked up and running in our new house on the weekend – it was time to christen my new HTC Desire (not that new, but hadnt been able to tunnel through my VPS until now) with Pandora.

Some searching, head scratching & swearing later…..

I configured a policy route on my border FW to send all my traffic from my HTC through my VPS (which is connected to my local network with OpenVPN).

I found the apk (you cant just download it from the Australian app market) – – used Dropbox to get it on the phone – and viola – Pandora on the Android !!! 😀 hurrah.