pandora on the droid FTW !!!

18 01 2011

Im a biiig fan of Pandora, and thats pretty much the main reason I pay for a VPS in the US.

Having just got my network kit out of storage, all racked up and running in our new house on the weekend – it was time to christen my new HTC Desire (not that new, but hadnt been able to tunnel through my VPS until now) with Pandora.

Some searching, head scratching & swearing later…..

I configured a policy route on my border FW to send all my traffic from my HTC through my VPS (which is connected to my local network with OpenVPN).

I found the apk (you cant just download it from the Australian app market) – – used Dropbox to get it on the phone – and viola – Pandora on the Android !!! 😀 hurrah.


Desperate Pandora Employees Scrambling To Find Song Area Man Likes

18 08 2010

I am an avid listener of pandora, it was interesting to read how their staff tirelessly try to please their listeners 🙂

OAKLAND, CA—The headquarters of personalized online music provider Pandora remained in a state of chaos Thursday as frantic workers struggled to find a song that 32-year-old Boston subscriber Dave Lipton would enjoy.

Pandora, which allows users to create virtual radio stations according to their individual tastes, confirmed its employees had spent most of the day rummaging desperately through the miles of shelves in the company’s massive 700,000-CD storage facility in search of a track to appease the increasingly fickle Lipton.

via Desperate Pandora Employees Scrambling To Find Song Area Man Likes | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

internet killed the radio (and video) star

15 06 2010

I dont have Foxtel, mainly because of the 20 or 30 channels you have , once youve watched it for about a week you (well I did) work out there is nothing to watch. Enter the modern marvel of the Internet, global media, instantly available to the masses. I have been trialling several sites & solutions.

XBMC – XBOX media centre – now no longer developed & maintained for the XBOX. Thats right, the uuber XBOX media centre is no longer for the XBOX – this is because of the under powered hardware that is contained in the original XBOX. There is light at the end of the tunnel though – you can get XBMC for other platforms – Windows / OSX / Linux / AppleTV & also a live distro. This is a great media solution – possibly only trumped by the below:

Boxee – “Boxee is the best way to watch movies, TV shows and clips from the Internet on your TV. Basically, you install our free software on an affordable computer, like a Mac Mini or Acer Revo, and connect it to your TV with an HDMI or DVI cord (depending on the computer you use). To navigate Boxee from your couch, you can use an Apple Remote or one of several PC-remotes available.” – Ok official blurb out of the way, if you have access to a US based IP (VPN etc) – this is one of the best ways I have found to discover internet based TV, Movies & Music services. Do yourself a favour, check the site (or at least the Intro Video, load up a copy & have a good go at it. This has replaced my XBOX with XBMC. I have a small form factor PC, running Linux Mint (for its out of the box media support & plugin) – with Boxee installed on it for media. It rocks.

TV & Movies
Some of these require a US IP address – several options here, use google & have a look at VPN solutions, or do what I have done & get a VPS from Crucial Paradigm.


found it!!

8 06 2010

Ok, so this has nothing to do with security, everytime I hear the new mars bar ad on TV I think to myself ….. what is that song – well thanks to the power of the interwebs its here, finally I can stop wondering – its Daylight by Matt & Kim