Do you want to be Certyfied Ethical Hacker ?

19 06 2012

This one caught my eye on LinkedIn ………. I guess “Free IT Security Training” doesn’t really have an advertising budget … but really ?? does this give you confidence in the course ?

I thought perhaps it was a posting that someone using one of the leaked passwords – but then its actually linked to the same post on pentest magazine.


the priorities of moving house …

26 01 2011

DoS attack

13 01 2011

I was sent this picture & just had to share – good overview of a basic dos attack (syn flood).

Legit: shows a normal 3-way handshake SYN – SYN/ACK – ACK

DoS: shows what happens when the SYN/ACK is not answered with an ACK by the initiating connection – as it says, repeat this 1000 times at once and the destination server ends up using all its resources with half open connections.

Not as effective these days as even most cheap home adsl routers have syn flood / DoS protection – but I thought the graphic example was awesome 😀

Click on the picture for a larger size ….


3 01 2011


eleven !!!

15 10 2010

nuf said !!!

11 10 2010

Desperate Pandora Employees Scrambling To Find Song Area Man Likes

18 08 2010

I am an avid listener of pandora, it was interesting to read how their staff tirelessly try to please their listeners 🙂

OAKLAND, CA—The headquarters of personalized online music provider Pandora remained in a state of chaos Thursday as frantic workers struggled to find a song that 32-year-old Boston subscriber Dave Lipton would enjoy.

Pandora, which allows users to create virtual radio stations according to their individual tastes, confirmed its employees had spent most of the day rummaging desperately through the miles of shelves in the company’s massive 700,000-CD storage facility in search of a track to appease the increasingly fickle Lipton.

via Desperate Pandora Employees Scrambling To Find Song Area Man Likes | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.