An underlying or implied tendency or meaning; an undercurrent.
A tone of low pitch or volume, especially of spoken sound.
A pale or subdued color.
A color applied under or seen through another color.

Only so many things can go into one brain (some may think its not much at all in mine) before other things start to fall out. My Adventures {in}security blog is an overflow for my head. Its really written up here so the next time I think … “how did I do that again” – its easy to find.

You are all welcome to follow along & share your notes, comments & ideas on my little nuggets of info – hopefully we can all learn something new together.


While it may at times appear that I know what I am talking about, most of the time its appearance only – so no guarantees of accuracy or results are given. No responsibility is taken for any damage, trouble, or life changing events caused by or happening to you by following any of the information provided here.


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