Raspberry Pi Runtime on Battery

4 07 2012

In a previous post, I mentioned the battery pack I bought from our local Aldi store “Tevion MPP 7400” – portable 7400mAh Li-Po Battery Pack. After many questions of “how long will it run” – I decided to find out.

I ran the Pi on this with the USB Wireless NIC & USB->Serial Console cable until it ran no more – and to my surprise, this nearly ran for 11 hours straight.

10hrs 55minutes to be exact

 22:17:01 up 10:55,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05

Sooooo – with that runtime – it should give plenty of portable time on target between charges.




3 responses

10 08 2012

Great info, thanks. Will this unit both power the Raspberry Pi and recharge itself if connected to the mains?

11 08 2012

Hi Glenn,

Im not sure, I havent had the battery pack plugged into mains while also powering the Pi – I dont know if it works that way as when you plug it into power it lights up the power meter leds. I might give it a shot & will be sure to post the results.

11 08 2012

Thanks – I am thinking about using it to run a Pi as a DLNA server under my car seat to serve video to my kids iPads on long drives. This would be a slick “UPS”

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