the priorities of moving house …

26 01 2011


pandora on the droid FTW !!!

18 01 2011

Im a biiig fan of Pandora, and thats pretty much the main reason I pay for a VPS in the US.

Having just got my network kit out of storage, all racked up and running in our new house on the weekend – it was time to christen my new HTC Desire (not that new, but hadnt been able to tunnel through my VPS until now) with Pandora.

Some searching, head scratching & swearing later…..

I configured a policy route on my border FW to send all my traffic from my HTC through my VPS (which is connected to my local network with OpenVPN).

I found the apk (you cant just download it from the Australian app market) – – used Dropbox to get it on the phone – and viola – Pandora on the Android !!! 😀 hurrah.

macbook4,1 – ubuntu & wireless woes (fixed)

17 01 2011

I have a newish (couple of years) macbook 4,1

Model Name:    MacBook
Model Identifier:    MacBook4,1
Processor Name:    Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:    2.4 GHz
Number Of Processors:    1
Total Number Of Cores:    2
L2 Cache:    3 MB
Memory:    4 GB
Bus Speed:    800 MHz

Recently I decided I had had enough of OSX and threw Ubuntu 10.10 on it – all has been reasonably smooth sailing (minus the dying HDD, the repartitioning & GRUB woes …)

I pulled the Airport Extreme out of the cupboard the other day (I had been tethering with my Android HTC Desire while we were building a house) – and lo & behold I had dramas connecting to it. Wireless N WPA2/TKIP.

Anyway, a bit of googling time later, I found a great couple of lines to fix the issue. Wireless has been rock solid (so far) since making this change. Changing the ifupdown to managed & adding config for ifup & ifdown did the trick.

sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManage/nm-system-settings.conf




Reboot & wireless is golden again.

DoS attack

13 01 2011

I was sent this picture & just had to share – good overview of a basic dos attack (syn flood).

Legit: shows a normal 3-way handshake SYN – SYN/ACK – ACK

DoS: shows what happens when the SYN/ACK is not answered with an ACK by the initiating connection – as it says, repeat this 1000 times at once and the destination server ends up using all its resources with half open connections.

Not as effective these days as even most cheap home adsl routers have syn flood / DoS protection – but I thought the graphic example was awesome 😀

Click on the picture for a larger size ….


3 01 2011