geeks from the nerds from the dorks

10 06 2010

Which one are you ? or does it depend on the day ?

Geek vs. Nerd vs. Dork
Fictional Differences Expressed in Terms of Everyday Items

Chief Cell-Phone Concern Does it have BlueTooth? Does it play games? Who would I call?
Mantra Can we fix it? Yes we can! The meek shall inherit the earth Where’s the remote?
Dream Job(s) Nasa/ILM/Google Wizards of the Coast/Marvel Comics ‘American Idol’ Archivist
Uniform Jeans and Ironic T Penny loafers and Acne Whatever Mom wants
Starter Apartment Furniture Computer Desk Kitchen Table for D&D Starter Apartment?
Favorite Sport Robot Wars Captain Kirk Drinking Game Handheld video poker
Playlists Knight Rider/A-Team Mashups Lord of the Rings/Star Wars Soundtracks 139.5 ‘Best Hits of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond!!!’
Favorite Childhood Toy Legos Superhero doll action-figure Own snot
Boner Worthy API Documentation Babylon 5 Marathon Bra section in the JCPenny Catalogue




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